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Elk Lake

Phone : (705) 678-2218
Your Host(s) : Elk Lake Community Centre

Elk Lake, ON (Nearby: Kenabeek, Matachewan, Tarzwell, Swastika, Gowganda)

4th St,
Elk Lake, Ontario
P0J 1G0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 356. In James T., Timiskaming Dist., on the Montreal R. and Hwys 65 & 560, 67 km NW of New Liskeard.
  • The community was established by lumbermen and mine workers around 1907. For the frrst few years the only access to Elk Lake was by canoe in summer on the Montreal R., and in winter by a rough road connecting it to Charlton and Englehart.
  • In 1913 a branch line of the Timiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway was opened between Earlton and Elk Lake. Railway chair Jacob Englehart drove a silver last spike at Elk Lake to mark the occasion.
  • The settlement has been burned out a number of times, and after each fIre the residents have returned, rebuilt their homes, and renamed the community.
  • Thus the place has been known as Elk City, Bear Creek, Cookville, Smythe, and Elk Lake. In 1913 the provincial government wanted to honour a man named Smythe and gave his name to this community.
  • . Residents refused to call their town anything other than Elk Lake and tore down the post office's 'Smythe' signboard.

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Elk Lake, Phone : (705) 678-2218

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