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Everett, ON (Nearby: Lisle, Alliston, Mansfield, Borden, Baxter)

8083 Main St,
Everett, Ontario
L0M 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 865. In Tosorontio T., Simcoe C., on C. Rds. 5 & 13, 32 km SW of Barrie. The settlement was established in 1868 and a post office called Everett opened in 1869.
  • When the Hamilton and North Western Railway came through the area in 1878, the post office and business establishments moved 3 km W to be on the rail line.
  • The community is believed to have been named by the first postmaster, Thomas Gordon, after his father's hometown in England.
  • It may instead have been named for a farm or home, or distorted in the telling, because no Everett is shown on modern maps of Britain.

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Everett, Phone : (705) 435-4537

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on 27-Oct-13
This town may have been named Everett after an Everett family member from the Flamborough county [Waterdown Burlington area ]Ontario who settled around that time .They were United Empire Loyalist and farmed there. info. can be found in the public library there.

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