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Hidden Goldmine Bakery

Phone : (613) 473-5310
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Your Host(s) : Brad and Cheryl Freeman

Madoc, ON (Nearby: Eldorado, Tweed, Thomasburg, Springbrook, Roslin)

59 Durham St. S., Box 1041
Madoc, Ontario
K0K 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc. pies, tarts, bread, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

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Business Hours:
  • Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm

Description From Owner:
  • Home of the Original Golden Fudge Nugget

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Hidden Goldmine Bakery, Phone : (613) 473-5310

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WJWayne on 27-May-13
We have been fans of Hidden Gold Mine for years. With its recent move to main street Madoc, it is less hidden, and judging from the crowds on the past few Saturdays, more discovered. Now it is a genuine cafe, nicely dressed up with antiques and historical curios that tell the history of the building and Madoc, All of the baking is excellent, but I want to especially rave about the pies. It started with the blueberry pie, made with wild blueberries, 'from scratch', as with all their baking. I think it as good as my Mom's, which till now has been unrivaled, made with wild blueberries we picked when I was growing up in Newfoundland. We took one to a family event, and now we are expected to take one when we get together. Except recently, all the blueberry pies had been sold. So we chose a cherry pie. Now that has become a 'family-accreditied ' pie whose repeat appearance has been invited. Except at Thanksgiving, there were no blueberry or cherry pies left, so we took an apple pie - again, fabulous, and now we have three approved options that we are encouraged to bring to the table for family celebrations. If you had remained a local secret, Hidden Goldmine, I would still be eating your blueberry pies. Now that the word is getting out, I have discovered that just about anything you make will draw praise from guests, and keep my own palette sated.

Maggie LeRoy on 17-May-13
We often go to watch our grandsons race motocross at the MMRS track in Madoc. I never go without ordering or stopping in to buy pies at this bakery. Simply the best pies ever!!!! Oh yes, and the butter tarts are awesome too!

Stacey Gaffney on 16-Nov-11
Best date squares known to man.. hard to drive by there everyday.

Don and Isabel Kinnear on 14-Nov-11
We travel from near Hawkesbury just to stock up on goodies. I give their tarts and tiny loaves to people to say thank you for helping us and of course we eat them too. All the baking freezes so well so we don't have to travel every week. Keep up the great work Cheryl and Brad and family/staff.

Michelle Browne on 20-Oct-11
We stumbled upon Hidden Goldmine butter tarts over the summer at the Kawartha Dairy in Huntsville. Only bought half dozen. Have been thinking about them ever since. They are the best...flaky crust and runny filling. I have been baking for years but these are amazing.

Liz Fraser on 21-Jul-11
The baking is fabulous. I love to bake but it is hard to compete. The pie crust is light not like the usual 'cardboard box' type and there is lots of wonderful filling. The cookies and squares are top notch and the only thing to watch is your waistline!

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