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Gilford, ON (Nearby: Stoney Point, Lefroy, Bell Ewart, Belle Ewart, Churchill)

1454 Gilford Rd RR # 1,
Gilford, Ontario
L0L 1R0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 358. In West Gwillimbury T., Simcoe C., 2 km. W of the W shore of Cook's Bay off L. Simcoe, on C. Rd. 89,22 km. SE of Barrie.
  • The name was chosen by the wife of Postmaster Thomas Maconchy in 1863.
  • Margaret Patterson (George) Maconchy's hometown was Cookstown in County Tyrone, Ireland, but because there was a place nearby already named Cookstown, she chose the name Gilford after a place of the same name also in County Down, Ireland.

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Gilford, Phone : (705) 456-2101

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  • Gilford Beach, 1km
  • Shore Acres, 1km
  • Bayview Beach, 2km
  • Ballydown Beach, 3km
  • De Grassi Point, 4km
  • Stoney Point, 5km
  • Killarney Beach, 5km
  • Fennell, 4km
  • Deerhurst, 5km
  • Orchard Beach, Lake Simcoe area, 6km
  • Belle Air Beach, 7km
  • Keswick Beach, 6km
  • Balfour Beach, 6km
  • Coulson's Hill, 7km
  • Roches Point, 7km
  • Beverley Isles, 6km
  • Miami Beach, 6km
  • Tent City, 8km
  • Craigmawr Beach, 6km
  • Beverley Hills, 6km
  • Orchard Grove, 7km
  • Pine Beach, 6km
  • Elmhurst Beach, 6km
  • Youngs Harbour, 6km
  • Clardon Beach, 6km
  • Wynhurst Beach, 6km
  • Nantyr Park, 9km
  • Nantyr, 9km
  • Big Cedar Point, 9km
  • South Wynhurst, 6km
  • Maskinonge Park, 6km
  • Indianola Beach, 7km
  • Brighton Beach, Lake Simcoe area, 8km
  • Simcoe Beach, 9km
  • Alcona, Barrie area, 10km
  • Eastbourne, 9km
  • Cedar Harbour, 11km
  • Innisfil Park, 11km
  • Alderslea, 11km
  • Jersey, 8km
  • River Drive Park, 11km
  • Barclay, 10km
  • Goodfellow Beach, 12km
  • Bramley, 11km
  • Bon Secours Beach, 12km
  • Island Grove, 11km
  • Leonards Beach, 13km
  • Glenwood Beach, Simcoe Lake area, 13km
  • Stroud, 13km
  • Belhaven, 10km
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