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Glen Tay

Phone : (613) 267-1616
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Perth

Perth, ON (Nearby: Balderson, Lanark, Rideau Ferry, Innisville, Carleton Place, Portland)

  • Bowe’s Mill Found near the Village of Glen Tay, Bowe’s Mill operated from the 1820?s, first as a sawmill, and then as a gristmill. It has been restored by the Bowe’s family and is currently a museum.

80 Dufferin
Perth, Ontario
K7H 2K8

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 178. In Lanark C. on C. Rd. 6, 5 km. SW of Perth. Joshua Adams built one of the first mills in the area and for a time this community was called Adamsville.
  • In 1867 the post office opened here and was called Glen Tay after Scotland's River Tay which flows through Perth, Scotland.

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Glen Tay, Phone : (613) 267-1616

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