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Woodstock, ON (Nearby: Princeton, Cathcart, Drumbo, Harley, Innerkip)

433 Norwich Ave
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 3W4

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 58. In Blandford-Blenheim Ts., Oxford C., on the CNR and C. Rd. 2,13 km. NE of Woodstock.
  • The place was named after William L. Goble, whose father, Rev. Jacob Goble came from New York State and settled in 1823.
  • When the Great Western Railway came through the community, it called the station Arnold, after T. H. Arnold, owner of a local steam sawmill.

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Gobles, Phone : (519) 537-3131

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Joanne Senior on 05-Jul-15
I grew up in Gobles.My parents,Bill and Evelyn Gibson owned 10 acres on the corner of WestQuarterLine and Hwy 2. My Mom severed 3 lots after the loss of my Dad, but the original little frame house built in the 30`s (?), and the barn and garage still sit on 3.5 acres. My childhood memories are the Best one could wish for......bicycling gravel roads, hanging out at Tabor`s Store, going to the Wed nt Auction ran by Nip Tune, swimming in irrigation ponds and the river on the third concession to the north. My Dad had a pond dug out for us. It is the pond you see on Hwy.2. Our property bordered on Jack Hughes`s farm acerage and we had whole forests to explore. Wonderful, stress-free days that can never be replaced.

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