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Phone : (705) 894-2252
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Gogama

Gogama, ON (Nearby: Shining Tree, Biscotasing, Ramsey, Timmins, Schumacher)

29 Poupore
Gogama, Ontario
P0M 1W0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 596. In Jack and Noble Ts., Sudbury Dist., on Minisinakwa L. and the Minisinakwa R. and the CNR and Hwy 661,6 km S ofHwy 144, 112 km. SW of Timmins.
  • The place was a railway point on the Canadian Northern Railway (now the CNR) until Arthur L'Abbe settled here in 1917. The post office, opened in 1919, was called Gogama, an Ojibwa word meaning 'jumping fish.'

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Gogama, Phone : (705) 894-2252

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Gogama Village Inn on 11-Mar-15
Small town beautiful Gogama!

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