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Phone : (705) 624-2311
Your Host(s) : Lakeview Motel & Restaurant

Gowganda, ON (Nearby: Matachewan, Elk Lake, Shining Tree, Sesekinika, Kenabeek)

Highway # 560,
Gowganda, Ontario
P0J 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 103. In Nicol T., Timiskaming Dist. on the E side of Gowganda L. and on Hwy 560, 87 km. W of New Liskeard. The place was known to lumbermen, but discovery of a major silver deposit put it on the map in 1907.
  • Within three years seven mines were in operation and the population had reached 5,000.
  • A fire destroyed most of the community in 1911 and many residents also left for a gold boom in Kirkland Lake. The last mine closed in 1972. The name derives from a First Nations Peoples word for 'place of the porcupine.'

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Gowganda, Phone : (705) 624-2311

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terry b on 16-Jul-09
Gowganda is the most beautiful place in the world !

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Off the beaten track:
  • O'Brien, Gowganda area, 2km
  • Tyranite, 21km
  • Wilson, New Liskeard area, 35km
  • Shining Tree, 40km
  • Mountain Lake, 40km
  • Leeville, 44km
  • Mountain Chutes, 44km
  • Glenvale, Englehart area, 50km
  • Zeta, 49km
  • Mount MacDonald, 49km
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  • Kenogami Lake, 64km
  • Hill's Lake, 54km
  • Morin Village, 56km
  • Mattagami Landing, 55km
  • Kenogami Lake Station, 67km
  • Sesekinika, 71km
  • Goldthorpe, 69km
  • McKees Camp, 72km
  • Old Thor Lake, 72km
  • Woollings Spur, 73km
  • Thor Lake, 71km
  • Hough Lake, 61km
  • Charlton, 58km
  • Laforest, 78km
  • Swastika, 69km
  • Raphoe, 84km
  • Mowat Landing, 61km
  • Shaniko, 71km
  • Lapalmes, 69km
  • Appelo, 71km
  • Felix, 71km
  • Tarzwell, 67km
  • Anstice, 87km
  • Rosegrove Beach, 68km
  • Bourkes, 80km
  • Ruel, 70km
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  • Westree, 65km
  • Camp Wanapitei, 75km
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  • Milnet, 94km
  • Sellwood, 93km
  • McCool, 65km
  • Chamberlain, 67km
  • Wavell, 87km
  • Shillington, 98km
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