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Grassy Narrows

Phone : (807) 925-2201
Your Host(s) : Grassy Narrows Band Admin. Bldg.

Grassy Narrows, ON (Nearby: Redditt, Longbow Lake, Vermilion Bay, Kenora, Keewatin)

Grassy Narrows First Nation # 21,
Grassy Narrows, Ontario
P0X 1B0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 367. In Kenora Dist. on the English R. system and Hwy 671, 77 km NE of Kenora.
  • The Ojibwa name for the place was Iskapiciwan, meaning 'dried-up stream.'
  • A Hudson's Bay Company post operated in the area in 1840. The post office was established as Grassy Narrows in 1960, the name deriving from grass lining the shoreline.

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Grassy Narrows, Phone : (807) 925-2201

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