Haley Station

Phone : (613) 432-6502
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Haley Station, ON (Nearby: Cobden, Renfrew, Douglas, Beachburg, Burnstown)

1176 Haley Rd.,
Haley Station, Ontario
K0J 1Y0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 92. In Renfrew C. on C. Rd. 61, 1 km S ofHwy 17, kID NW of Renfrew. Farmer George Haley granted the CPR a right of way through his land and the railway called its station Haleys. In 1878 the community took the name Haley Station.

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Haley Station, Phone : (613) 432-6502

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Peter Charles Hertel on 28-Aug-22
Not really a review, but a reminder to anyone living at Haley’s, that I lived there in 1945. Hope it hasn’t changed much.

Ophelia Pinto on 30-Jun-11
I am trying to locate a John Vander Zwaag that lives in Haley Station. If someone could please give me his phone number it will be greatly appreciated. He has a moving business that I have used before and would like to contact him again. Thank you. ophelia.pinto@shell.com Ophelia

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