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Hawk Junction

Phone : (705) 889-2094
Your Host(s) : Hawk Junction Community Hall

Hawk Junction, ON (Nearby: Dubreuilville, Missanabie, Montreal River Harbour, White River, Langton)

96 Cedar
Hawk Junction, Ontario
P0S 1G0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northcentral Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 311. In Algoma Dist. at the junction of the Michipicoten branch and the main line of the Algoma Central Railway and Hwy 547, 26 km NE of Wawa.
  • The post office was established in 1923, and in the same year the community was destroyed by a forest fIre. The town was rebuilt and is a shipping point for iron from the Helen Mine in the Michipicoten area.

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Hawk Junction, Phone : (705) 889-2094

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Angie on 29-Jul-15
Will be there again this weekend! I love it up here.... quiet and peaceful- great place to get away from. And dont forget the local watering hole!

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