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Holland Landing

Phone : (905) 853-1715
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Holland Landing

Holland Landing, ON (Nearby: River Drive Park, Holland Landing, Newmarket, Sharon, Queensville, Bradford)

19445 Yonge St.
Holland Landing, Ontario
L9N 1L8

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Ontario Tourism Region : York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 8,284. In East Gwillimbury T., Reg. Mun. of York, on the E branch of the Holland R. just E of C. Rd. 1, 54 km N of Toronto.
  • John Evesin began operating a sawmill in 1808, and the place was surveyed in 1811 by a Mr. Wilmot.
  • It was known as Beverly, St. Albans, The Landing, Lower Landing, Old Soldier's Landing, and Steamboat Landing before the post office opened in 1831 as Holland Landing.
  • The name honours Maj. Samuel Holland, surveyor general of Quebec in the late 18th century. Samuel Lount was a prosperous farmer at Holland Landing and a reform politician.
  • He was in joint command of Mackenzie's rebel forces when they were defeated at Montgomery's Tavern in 1837. Lount was convicted of treason and executed the following year.
  • Holland Landing was settled mainly by Dutch immigrants, who drained 8,000 acres (3,240 ha) of black muck and turned it into agricultural black gold.
  • When Hurricane Hazel struck in 1954, Holland Marsh disappeared under 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 m) of water, which also destroyed the nearby village of Ansnorveldt.

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Holland Landing, Phone : (905) 853-1715

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