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Phone : (807) 868-2173
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Hornepayne

Hornepayne, ON (Nearby: Oba, Langton, White River, Calstock, Dubreuilville)

200 Front
Hornepayne, Ontario
P0M 1Z0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northcentral Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 1,848. In Wicksteed T., Algoma Dist., on Hwy 631, 103 km. N of White R. and 69 km. S of Hwy 11, at a point 63 km. W of Hearst.
  • When the CNR came through the district in 1916, the place was called Fitzback. In 1920 the name was changed to honour R. M. Horne-Payne, the British financial advisor to Sir William Mackenzie, one of the builders of the line.

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Hornepayne, Phone : (807) 868-2173

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