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Cochrane, ON (Nearby: Hunta, Frederickhouse, Driftwood, Smooth Rock Falls, Tunis)

146 6 Ave.
Cochrane, Ontario
P0L 1E0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 97. In Clute T., Cochrane Dist. on Hwy 668, just N ofHwy 652, II km. NW of Cochrane. The T. was first surveyed in 1884 and named after Judge Roger Conger Clute. The origin of the name Hunta is not known.
  • Suggestion from Mary Janes (Historian), Warwick, Ontario. April 2018:
  • 'The story I was told, and it does make sense, is that a settler by the name of Glen Lovell, who came from Lajunta, Colorado named the settlement where he opened the first store and post office Hunta, just dropping the 'la'.
  • 'La junta' is the Spanish term for junction. Hydro lines, railroad and the highway crossed at this point, and the gas line goes through there now too.'

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Hunta, Phone : (705) 272-5234

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