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Township of Ignace (Single Tier Kenora)

Phone : (807) 934-2519
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Ignace

Ignace, ON (Nearby: Atikokan, Sioux Lookout, Hudson, Dinorwic, Wabigoon)

100 Beaver
Ignace, Ontario
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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 2,499. In Ignace T., Kenora Dist., on the N shore of Agimak L. and Hwy 17, 107 km SE of Dryden.
  • The place was first recorded by Sir Sandford Fleming as a station on the proposed route of the CPR's transcontinental line. It was named by the railway builder after his guide, Ignace Mentour, who led a cross-Canada survey expedition in 1872.
  • The first house was built in 1875. First Nations Peoples settled around it to provide services for surveyors and railroad workers. The first European settler was Albert McGillie in 1879.
  • The area's first mining patent was granted to Capt. S. V. Halstead in 1889. He established the Maple Leaf Gold Mining Co. and opened the Black Fox Mine.
  • The gold rush of the 1890s brought many prospectors, and Ignace became headquarters for the U.S. Gold Mining Company. At one time, a large settlement of railway boxcars nearby was nicknamed Little England because of its many English residents.
  • On White Otter L., 25 km S (by boat or float plane) is a four-story log 'castle' built single handedly of one-ton (1.016 tonne) logs by diminutive James Alexander McQuat.
  • How he managed to erect the structure between 1903, when he was 57, and 1912, baffles today's engineers.

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Township of Ignace (Single Tier Kenora), Phone : (807) 934-2519

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Clive Nickerson on 06-Jul-09
You are correct, Dennis..thanks for the update...error corrected!

Dennis Smyk on 05-Jul-09
Ignace is on the shores of Agimak Lake, not McNamara. McNamara is south of Agimak Lake.

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