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Phone : (519) 469-3071
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Innerkip

Innerkip, ON (Nearby: Bright, Woodstock, Hickson, Plattsville, Drumbo)

106 Brandford
Innerkip, Ontario
N0J 1M0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 838. In East Zorra T., Oxford C., on the Thames R. and C. Rds. 4,29 & 33, 9 km. NE of Woodstock.
  • When the post office opened in 1853 the name was changed from Melrose, a name already in use. Inverkip was suggested by the postmaster's wife, Mrs. Hugh Barwick, who came from Inverkip in Renfrewshire, Scotland.
  • It is not known where the apparent clerical error occurred.
  • From Frank McColl ( May 25, 2023:
  • What I have discovered is Mr Hugh Barwick and his wife, but cannot find her maiden name. He was Postmaster 1853 Innerkip, but don't know for how long.
  • There appears to be some thinking a mistake was made in the spelling but I don't think so Mr Barwicks wife originally came from Inverkip Scotland.
  • She was supposed to have suggested naming the village Inverkip but at the time she lived in Scotland the village would still be known as Innerkip.
  • There is an article in The Hamilton Spectator August 1953 which Heading says Innerkip Intended To Be Named Inverkip.
  • So I don't think it was a mistake still to this day we still have various ways of saying a variety of words some very funny but Inverkip was called Innerkip originally.

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Innerkip, Phone : (519) 469-3071

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Frank McColl on 24-May-23
Hello. Innerkip was the original name of Inverkip in Scotland the post masters wife would know it's name as Innerkip. I am one of a handful people researching history of our village. It would be great to link both villages as we are near completion of printing book with all proceeds going to charity. The only thing missing is the post masters wife maiden name hope you can help. Thanks Frank McColl

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