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Inverary, ON (Nearby: Glenburnie, Perth Road, Elginburg, Battersea, Cutler)

4095 Perth Rd.
Inverary, Ontario
K0H 1H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

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  • Pop. 590. In Storrington T., Frontenac C., on C. Rds. 10 & 12, 15 km. N of Kingston.
  • area was settled around 1812 by United Empire Loyalists attracted by 200 acre (81 ha) land grants.
  • The community first took its name from Storrington T. in 1841, but in 1856 James Campbell, on whose land most of the settlement was built, suggested the name Inveraray after the town in Argyllshire, Scotland.
  • The second 'a' in the name was later dropped. Few would question that Inverary's most versatile entrepreneur in the late 1800s was Robert A. Marrison, a carriagemaker, blacksmith, piano salesman, apiarist, and undertaker.

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Inverary, Phone : (613) 353-2248

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York Wills on 20-Apr-16
My parents had a general store there from 1944 to 1954. It was a peaceful place and the neighbours were nice. Inverary has grown some with the addition of an 18-hole golf course and an excellent hardware store, also a Marina. There is as well a very fine ball field there, a memorial to long- time resident Ken Garrett. The population is about 600,larger than it was in 1944. There are 2 very nice subdivisions on Collins Lake in the village area. Inverary has a United Church and an elementary school.

R. Thompson on 22-May-11
The village needs to be updated. More residential zoning would help the village prosper. Some local area residents are hindering residential growth which is stifling village growth. Business is dying from lack of a residential customer base. Urban planning is in place but appears to be ignored. With some forethought Inverary could become a great vibrant community.

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