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Town of Iroquois Falls (Single Tier Cochrane)

Phone : (705) 232-6233
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Iroquois Falls

Iroquois Falls, ON (Nearby: Porquis Junction, Monteith, Val Gagne, Tunis, Connaught)

249 Church St.
Iroquois Falls, Ontario
P0K 1G0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 5,427. In Calvert T., Cochrane Dist., on the Abitibi R. and Hwy 67, 50 km. SE of Cochrane.
  • The first white men in the area were French soldiers under the command of Chevalier Pierre de Troyes on their way to attack the Hudson's Bay Company posts at James Bay in 1686.
  • Legend has it that Iroquois attacked a peaceful Huron tribe, killed all the men, and captured the women. The Iroquois then went to sleep in their canoes, tied to the riverbank near the falls.
  • During the night, the captives cut the canoes loose, and the Iroquois were swept over the 14-foot-high (4.26 m) waterfall to their deaths.
  • In 1912, Montreal businessman Frank Harris Anson financed two young men on a gold prospecting trip to Northern Ontario.
  • No gold was found, but the men told Anson of the great potential of the Iroquois Falls area for a pulp and paper industry.
  • The first campsite was established beside the falls that same year.
  • In 1913, with financing from Chicago, the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Mills came into being, and work started on the first planned town in Northern Ontario, which has come to be nicknamed 'Northern Ontario's Original Model Town.'
  • The company owned the land, the houses, and the stores, and all the residents of Iroquois Falls were Abitibi employees.
  • When the workers formed a union in 1915, one of their first aims was to get control of their own town, to which the company agreed.
  • In 1916 one of the worst forest fires in Canadian history swept across this part of Northern Ontario, wiping out six towns and 1,000 square mi. (2,590 sq. km.) of farmland and bush, and killing 223 people.
  • The residents of Iroquois Falls were evacuated to the company mill which escaped the fire. Most of the town was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.
  • The lowest measured temperature in Ontario was -73 degrees Fahrenheit (-57.5 degrees Celsius) at Iroquois Falls on Jan. 23,1935.

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Town of Iroquois Falls (Single Tier Cochrane), Phone : (705) 232-6233

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