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Jeannette's Creek

Phone : (519) 682-0230
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Tilbury

Tilbury, ON (Nearby: Fletcher, Pointe Aux Roches, Grande Pointe, Pain Court, Paincourt, Pain Court)

1 Queen N.
Tilbury, Ontario
N0P 2L0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop.244. In Tilbury East T., Kent C., on C. Rd. 36,27 km SW of Chatham. The post office was established as Jeanette's Creek in 1891. Jeanette was likely the name of an early settler.
  • Based on my birth Certificate and other resources the spelling should be Jeannette's Creek... Has 2 Ns
  • Reviewer Name: Glennyce Roszell Sinclair Reviewer Email: Reviewer Phone: 2263373739 Sept. 9, 2021

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Jeannette's Creek, Phone : (519) 682-0230

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Vern Huston on 23-Mar-21
I just finished writing a short book called 'Remembering some neat things'. This is a story about the first 16 years of my life living in Jeanette's Creek from 1940 to 1956. Hoping to hear from some of my old class mates like Jane Bradley, Janet Jubenville, etc. I have talked to Glennyce Roszell who was a grade ahead of me in our one room classroom. Hope to hear from old classmates. Lavern Huston (Vern)

Vern Huston on 08-Oct-18
My sister Helen Pisani (Huston) passed away at the age of 82. Helen lived in California with her husband Lou and had two children Joanna and Jennifer. She had a total of 7 Grandchildren. Helen graduated as a nurse from Grace Hospital in Windsor and back in the 1960's the Americans were looking for nurses so a bunch of them took off for an adventure. Helen went to the public school in Jeannette's Creek and went to Tilbury High school.

Glennyce Roszell Sinclir on 29-Mar-17
My grandfather and then my uncle owned Roszell's General Store. I have pictures of those of us who attended Elementary school there. Mr. Tellier and Mr.Shaw teachers. I have pictures with both with students. One is with Mr. Tellier... Edward ?, Martin Strong, Ann Vandersteen, Myself and Ann Reaume the grade 8 graduating class 1952. We lived across the street from the Vandersteens

Glennyce Roszell Sinclair on 29-Mar-17
Hi, everyone. Remember waiting for the school bus at Ouellettes general store. The guys played on the pinball machines while we waited. Our bus driver's first name was Phil (can't remember last). One one trip Helen Huston and I were making a lot of noise in the last seat and we got punished by not being able to set back any further than the first tree.

Vern Huston (lavern) on 01-Apr-16
Hi: I WENT TO SS#7 Tilbury E. in Jeannette's Creek from 1946 to 1952 and my class mates were Jane Bradley, Janet Jubenville, the Martin brothers, and since there were 8 classes in this one room school, there were lots of kids at different ages and grades. Would like to keep in touch with some of the people who lived in the Creek. Vern

Vern Huston on 19-Sep-14
Hi to Michelle: drop me a note at my Email address and I will send you my short story that I wrote for my mother who just passed away 2 years ago. I could not put up your address from the note you left in this site. Thanks Vern

Vern Huston on 19-Sep-14
Hi everyone: Drop me a note at vern and I will send you a write up about the first 16 years of my life living in Jeanette's Creek from 1940 to 56. 519 633 3491 Thanks Vern Huston

Michelle McGahey on 28-Jul-14
Hi, My father was Harry Tellier who taught at Jeanette's Creek public school. He married Jean Adrianna Vandersteen who was the older sister of many siblings that he taught. The Vandersteen family had 11 children and many of them were taught by my father at the school. He met my mother when the school put on a Christmas concert and they needed a piano accompanist. One of the students said that her older sister played the piano and this person was my mother. Quite a few of the Vandersteen family are still alive if that name is interesting to this discussion.

Deb Wilson on 27-Feb-14
I am writing about the history of Jeannette's Creek. My families are the Garbutts and the Michies. Any information is appreciated Thanks

Nancy Demers on 13-Feb-13
I remember Vern Huston and your sisters...My Mom and Dad used to take me to your house for visits...They were Bert and Julia Kay...I was Nancy Kay

Vern Huston on 05-Nov-12
Went to public school in Jeannette's Creek from 1946 to 1952. Harry Tellier and Mr. Shaw were our teachers. Would love to hear from old class mates. My sisters were Gayle and Helen Huston. Vern Huston St. Thomas, Ontario

Rick Roberts on 08-Aug-12
Interested in knowing if you are familiar with any HAMILTON family members who lived in Jeanette's Creek from some time before 1891 to about 1951 (some descendants may have had children who stayed in the area). James Hamilton was a commercial 'fisherman' at the time of the 1891 census (died 1911) who was married to Mary Ann Stinson. They had 11 children that I know about. Don't know much about his children except that several died in their youth (4 or 5 died as children or young adults)-- would like to know more about any of them and their families. James and Mary Ann's children were John, Thomas, Ann, A.F, William, Lulu, Edward, Rolland, Ada, George, and Spencer). Especially interested in John James Hamilton (lived 1865 to sometime after 1932 possibly in Toronto).

Vern Huston ( Lavern) on 12-Jan-12
Lived in Jeanette's Creek from my birth in 1940 till our family left in 1956. Grandparents were Oz and Mae Taylor. Currently live in St. Thomas but would love to hear from school mates. I wrote a short story about my 16 years living with my two sisters Gayle and Helen with my parents Harold and Gladys Huston. We left in 1956 to live in Toronto. Moving from a village of 200 people or less to a city of 2,500,000 was a real shock to our family. There were 3 stores in JC and lots of stories about our life as children growing up. 519 633 3491

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