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Jones Falls

Phone : (613) 387-3641
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Seeley's Bay

Seeleys Bay, ON (Nearby: Elgin, Crosby, Lyndhurst, Delta, Newboro)

  • Chaffey’s Lock Mill Chaffey’s Lock Mill was built in 1872 by John Chaffey. It is presently a private residence.
  • Chaffey’s Lock Mill Chaffey’s Lock Mill was built in 1872 by John Chaffey. It is presently a private residence.

134 Main
Seeleys Bay, Ontario
K0H 2N0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 21. In the United Cs. of Leeds & Grenville on the Rideau Canal and C. Rd. 11, 24 km. NW of Gananoque.
  • The dam and locks at Jones Falls are considered the ultimate achievement of canal builder Col. John By and contractor John Redpath. Four locks raise boats 18 metres (59 feet).
  • Four locks raise boats 18 metres (59 feet). There is a 19 metre (62-foot) high stone arch dam, restored blacksmith shop and defensible lockmaster's house.
  • The place was named after Charles Jones of Brockville who had extensive land holdings in the area.

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Jones Falls, Phone : (613) 387-3641

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