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Phone : (807) 926-2235
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Kashabowie, ON (Nearby: Shebandowan, Upsala, Raith, Graham, Nolalu)

Kashabowie, Ontario
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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 26. In Haines T., Thunder Bay Dist. on Kashabowie L. and Hwy 802,2 km N of Hwy 11 & 17,80 km NW of Thunder Bay.
  • The place was settled during a logging and mining boom in the early 1900s and was ftrst known as Kashabowi and then Kashaboiwe Portage.
  • In 1925 the name was changed to Kashabowie, likely derived from the Ojibwa word kagobiwai, porcupine quill.

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Kashabowie, Phone : (807) 926-2235

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John Fisher on 10-Sep-13
My dad was born in Kashabowie in 1914. Am looking for some history of this area, etc. My grandmothers name was Marie Swanson. Any ideas gratefully received. 250-923-2332 Thanks.

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