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Town of Kearney (Single Tier Parry Sound)

Phone : (705) 636-5422
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Kearney

Kearney, ON (Nearby: Scotia, Novar, Emsdale, Katrine, Burks Falls)

56 Main
Kearney, Ontario
P0A 1M0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 723. In Perry and Bethune Ts., Parry Sound Dist., on the S branch of the Magnetawan R. and Beaver L., on Hwy 518, 10 km NE of Hwy 11, 25 km N of Huntsville.
  • Settled by the O'Neils, Kearneys, and Murphys in the late 1870s and fIrst known as Old Kearney. The post office was established as Kearney in 1879 after early settler Patrick Kearney.
  • In 1908 the Scott Act, which allowed local option on the sale ofliquor, threatened the community's two licensed hotels.
  • The community's businessmen successfully petitioned the government for town status, thereby exempting Kearney from a liquor plebiscite. That ruling remains, making Kearney one of the smallest towns in Ontario.

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Town of Kearney (Single Tier Parry Sound), Phone : (705) 636-5422

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Greg Jones on 19-Oct-22
Great little town. Several decent local Eateries. The Annual Dogsled Races in February are a Great Event to attend.

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