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Phone : (807) 733-3169
Your Host(s) : Shoal Lake 39 Post Office

Kejick, ON (Nearby: Ingolf, Ottermere, Whitedog, Keewatin, Minaki)

Shoal Lake Reserve 39
Kejick, Ontario
P0X 1E0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 271. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of Shoal L. on Hwy 673, 14 km S of Hwy 17, 49 km W of Kenora.
  • The post office was established as Kejick in 1962. The name was chosen by area First Nations Peoples bands to honour one of their number by that name, who had been decorated for his service to Canada in one of the Great Wars.

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Kejick, Phone : (807) 733-3169

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  • Granite Lake, 21km
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  • Busteed, 29km
  • Laclu, 33km
  • Laclu, 34km
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  • Caribou Falls, 73km
  • Ena Lake, 58km
  • Naongashing, 58km
  • Pelletier Bridge, 56km
  • Margach, 57km
  • Lajeunesse Bridge, 59km
  • Redditt, 66km
  • Werner Lake, 95km
  • Harris Hill, 86km
  • McGinnis Creek, 91km
  • Brinka, 72km
  • Scovil, 67km
  • Minahico, 85km
  • Bergland, 91km
  • Farlane, 78km
  • Storkson's Corner, 93km
  • Sioux Narrows, 77km
  • Gameland, 100km
  • Cozy Corners, 95km
  • Jones, 84km
  • Arbor Vitae, 99km
  • Wood, 110km
  • Sleeman, 111km
  • Hawk Lake, 83km
  • Willard Lake, 85km
  • Pawitik, 87km
  • Whitefish Bay, 87km
  • North Branch, Fort Frances area, 107km
  • Pinewood, Fort Frances area, 116km
  • Favel, 93km
  • Grassy Narrows, 100km
  • Crow Lake, Kenora area, 98km
  • Dearlock, 113km
  • Stratton, 124km
  • Caliper Lake, 107km
  • Pine, 98km
  • Shenston, 125km
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