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Phone : (905) 841-3078
Your Host(s) : Daisy Mart Convenience Stores

Kettleby, ON (Nearby: King City, Aurora, Bradford, Schomberg, Holland Landing)

16380 James St.,
Kettleby, Ontario
L0G 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 175. InKing T., Reg. Mun. of York on C. Rd. 55,1 km E of Hwy 400, 26 km N of Toronto.
  • The land was granted in 1801 to United Empire Loyalist Dorothy Burger who sold in 1803 to John Bogart of Pennsylvania. By 1842 Samuel Tyrwhitt owned the local mill and the place was known as Tyrwhitt's Mills.
  • Twenty coopers were employed building barrels for the export of flour. In 1851 when the post office was established, the place was named Kettleby's Mills after Tyrwhitt's native village in Wales.
  • In 1859 the name was changed to Kettleby. Five major floods between 1885 and 1934 destroyed many of the mill dams.

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Kettleby, Phone : (905) 841-3078

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