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Phone : (705) 744-2301
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Mattawa

Mattawa, ON (Nearby: Rutherglen, Bonfield, Astorville, Corbeil, Quirke Lake)

311 Main
Mattawa, Ontario
P0H 1V0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 7. In Pentland T., Nipissing Dist. on the N shore of Kioshkokwi L. at the head of Amable du Fond R, in Algonquin Park at the terminus of Hwy 630,29 km S ofHwy 17, 53 km SE of North Bay.
  • The community started in 1936 with the arrival of the Staniforth Lumber and Veneer Co. and the post office was first named Coristine. In 1937 the name was changed to Kiosk, a contraction of Kioshkokwi, a First Nations Peoples word for 'gull.'

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Kiosk, Phone : (705) 744-2301

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Off the beaten track:
  • Kiosk, 0km
  • Coristine, 1km
  • Ascalon, 6km
  • Mink Lake, Algonquin Park area, 10km
  • Eau Claire, 18km
  • Kilrush, 13km
  • Eau Claire Station, 20km
  • Great Desert, 17km
  • Morel, 22km
  • Daventry, 17km
  • Rutherglen, 23km
  • Blanchard's Landing, 24km
  • Fossmill, 19km
  • Wasing, 22km
  • Chiswick, 23km
  • Booth Landing, 25km
  • Wilson's Landing, 36km
  • Government Park, 26km
  • Smith's Landing, 37km
  • Nosbonsing, 30km
  • Alderdale, 29km
  • Rankin, Mattawa area, 34km
  • Grahamvale, 31km
  • Brent, 32km
  • Songis, 39km
  • Hills Siding, 34km
  • Klock, 37km
  • Balsam Creek, 44km
  • Booth, 36km
  • Camp Champlain, 41km
  • Powassan, 37km
  • Redbridge, 44km
  • Derland, 39km
  • Acanthus, 38km
  • Trout Creek, 39km
  • Deans, 42km
  • Feronia, 45km
  • Hodgson, 43km
  • Thorncliff, North Bay area, 43km
  • Canoe Lake, 58km
  • Sand Lake, Kearney area, 55km
  • Nipissing Junction, 44km
  • Champlain Park, North Bay area, 45km
  • Maecks Subdivision, 48km
  • Ravensworth, 60km
  • Hartfell, 52km
  • Trout Mills, 48km
  • Storie, 44km
  • Bray Lake, 47km
  • Birch Haven, 48km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Kioshkokwi Lake, 1km
  • Green Lake, 4km
  • Little Mink Lake, 4km
  • Curly Lake, 4km
  • Lauder Lake, 6km
  • Chattahoochee Lake, 6km
  • Big Swamp Lake, 7km
  • Muir Lake, 5km
  • Whisper Lake, 6km
  • MacGibbon Lake, 8km
  • Parisien Lake, 8km
  • Whitebirch Lake, 7km
  • Ratrap Lake, 8km
  • Dahinda Lake, 9km
  • Boggy Lake, 9km
  • Boulter Lake, 7km
  • Nebanawbaig Lake, 8km
  • North Sylvia Lake, 10km
  • Weeharry Lake, 9km
  • Bronson Lake, 10km
  • Arrow Lake, 10km
  • Maple Lake, 9km
  • Mink Lake, 8km
  • Beaverly Lake, 11km
  • Bay Lake, 9km
  • Three Mile Lake, 11km
  • Crookstick Lake, 10km
  • Little Crookstick Lake, 10km
  • Kije-Kwe Lake, 12km
  • Scud Lake, 9km
  • Wildgoose Lake, 9km
  • Thompson Lake, 10km
  • Waterclear Lake, 9km
  • Ukalet Lake, 10km
  • Wahwahtaysee Lake, 13km
  • Ascalon Lake, 9km
  • Upper Kawa Lake, 13km
  • Keswil Lake, 10km
  • Namea Lake, 13km
  • Minnewawa Lake, 13km
  • Balsam Lake, 10km
  • Kawa Lake, 14km
  • Totem Lake, 14km
  • One Mile Lake, 13km
  • Erables Lake, 13km
  • Little Thompson Lake, 11km
  • Guilmette Lake, 11km
  • Punch Lake, 14km
  • Sinclair Lake, 15km
  • Barbe Lake, 11km