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Phone : (613) 332-5584
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L'Amable, ON (Nearby: Bancroft, Coe Hill, Cardiff, Mcarthurs Mills, Boulter)

34 Hastings S.,
L'Amable, Ontario
K0L 2L0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 315. In Dungannon T., Hastings C., on the east side of L' Amable L. and Hwy 62, 10 km. SE of Bancroft.
  • This is one of the few places in Ontario that has a post office with a different name from the town.
  • Green Corners is the name of the community and L'Amable is the name of the post office. The place was named for an Ojibwa chief who drowned in the lake in 1873.

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L'Amable, Phone : (613) 332-5584

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  • Egan Creek, Bancroft area, 7km
  • Vardy, 10km
  • Maxwell, Bancroft area, 11km
  • Bowen Corner, 10km
  • Musclow, 13km
  • York River, 12km
  • Birds Creek, 13km
  • Ormsby, 15km
  • Brinklow, 14km
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  • Hybla, 18km
  • Monteagle Valley, 19km
  • Paudash, 14km
  • Childs Mines, 15km
  • Hermon, 17km
  • Beechmount, 15km
  • Hickey Settlement, 19km
  • Hughes, 17km
  • Martins Landing, 19km
  • Steenburg Lake, 22km
  • Monck Road, 16km
  • Rose Island, 19km
  • Murphy Corners, 23km
  • Baptiste, 18km
  • Rowland, 19km
  • The Ridge, 24km
  • Graphite, 23km
  • Fort Stewart, 22km
  • McAlpine Corners, 25km
  • Glen Alda, 23km
  • Greenview, 26km
  • McGary Flats, 22km
  • Paudash Lake area, 19km
  • St. Ola, 23km
  • New Carlow, 28km
  • Owenbrook, 26km
  • Maynooth Station, 27km
  • Lake, 28km
  • Scott Settlement, Maynooth area, 25km
  • Hartsmere, 22km
  • Burgess Mines, 29km
  • Gunter, 24km
  • Glanmire, 30km
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