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Lansdowne, ON (Nearby: Rockport, Mallorytown, Gananoque, Lyndhurst, Seeleys Bay)

1070 Prince
Lansdowne, Ontario
K0E 1L0

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 426. In Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Ts., Leeds and Grenville Cs., on C. Rds. 3 & 34, 16 km. NE of Gananoque and 6 km. NW of the Thousand Islands International Bridge.
  • The community was settled in the 1780s by United Empire Loyalists. Among the first arrivals were the Findlay family and the family of Oliver Landon.
  • The large size of these families contributed significantly to Lansdowne's early growth; by 1818 Oliver Landon had nine sons and three daughters, and 59 other family members lived in the area.
  • The place was named after Maj. Gen. William Petty Fitzmaurice, Earl of Shelbourne, who was created Marquis of Lansdowne in 1784.

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Lansdowne, Phone : (613) 659-2237

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Off the beaten track:
  • Rapid Valley, 3km
  • Ebenezer, Lansdowne area, 3km
  • Ivy Lea, 5km
  • Union, Lansdowne area, 4km
  • Mitchellville, 4km
  • Selton, Lansdowne area, 5km
  • Dulcemaine, 5km
  • Tilley, 5km
  • Fairfax, 4km
  • Warburton, 7km
  • Greenfield, Lansdowne area, 7km
  • Darlingside, 6km
  • Holland, 6km
  • Eden Grove, Lansdowne area, 6km
  • Outlet, 9km
  • Waterton, 7km
  • Sand Bay Corner, 8km
  • Wilstead, 8km
  • Rockport, 7km
  • Rockfield, 9km
  • Halsteads Bay, 9km
  • Escott, 9km
  • Narrows, 8km
  • Emery, Lansdowne area, 10km
  • Gray's Beach, 11km
  • Legge, 11km
  • Quabbin, 11km
  • Black Rapids, 13km
  • Marble Rock, 10km
  • Junetown, 13km
  • Long Point, Lansdowne area, 13km
  • Pooles Resort, 11km
  • LaRue Mills, 11km
  • Gananoque Junction, 12km
  • Trevelyan, 15km
  • Grenadier Island, 12km
  • Ellisville, 14km
  • Cheeseborough, 14km
  • Mallorytown Landing, 14km
  • Ballycanoe, 17km
  • Charleston, 19km
  • Sheatown, 19km
  • Oak Leaf, 20km
  • Beales Mills, 19km
  • Maple Grove, Gananoque area, 15km
  • Caintown, 17km
  • Sweets Corners, Lansdowne area, 17km
  • Berryton, 15km
  • Glen Morris, 20km
  • McIntosh Mills, Mallorytown area, 19km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Lake of the Isles, 8km
  • Killenbeck Lake, 11km
  • Long Lake, 11km
  • Basin Lake, 12km
  • Higley Lake, 12km
  • Mud Lake, 12km
  • Lime Lake, 11km
  • Charleston Lake, 14km
  • Howard Lake, 11km
  • Gananoque Lake, 11km
  • Red Horse Lake, 16km
  • Singleton Lake, 15km
  • Green Lake, 18km
  • Mud Lake, 17km
  • Little Long Lake, 18km
  • Grippen Lake, 16km
  • Lyndhurst Lake, 18km
  • Bass Lake, 19km
  • Wiltse Lake, 22km
  • South Lake, 16km
  • Graham Lake, 22km
  • Upper Beverley Lake, 24km
  • Lower Beverley Lake, 23km
  • Temperance Lake, 23km
  • Deans Pond, 22km
  • Whitefish Lake, 21km
  • Mud Lake, 25km
  • Little Cranberry Lake, 21km
  • Mud Lake, 28km
  • Little Mud Lake, 21km
  • Centre Lake, 25km
  • Leo Lake, 21km
  • Lake Eloida, 29km
  • Lees Pond, 26km
  • Troy Lake, 23km
  • Mud Lake, 24km
  • Cranberry Lake, 23km
  • Traverse Lake, 24km
  • Sand Lake, 26km
  • Brewer Lake, 24km
  • Mud Lake, 32km
  • Bellamys Lake, 34km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 26km
  • Cranesnest Lake, 25km
  • Little Bear Lake, 26km
  • Little Lake, 30km
  • Dog Lake, 25km
  • Crow Lake, 27km
  • Lambs Pond, 32km
  • Lower Peterson Lake, 28km