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La Passe

Phone : (613) 646-2150
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Cobden

Cobden, ON (Nearby: Beachburg, Westmeath, Haley Station, Pembroke, Douglas)

55 Main
Cobden, Ontario
K0J 1K0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 97. In Westmeath T., Renfrew C. on the Ottawa R. and C. Rds. 49 & 50, 32 km E of Pembroke.
  • When Alexander Sherriff travelled through the Ottawa Valley in 1829, he described this area as La Posse and La Beauce Sett.
  • La Passe may relate to the flight lines of wild geese along the Ottawa R. during their spring and fall migrations.
  • At this point on their travels they fly across the 9-km-wide peninsula formed by Westmeath T. instead offollowing the sharp loop of the Ottawa R. In 1852 the community was called Gower Point but in 1906 it was renamed La Passe.

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La Passe, Phone : (613) 646-2150

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  • Kerr Line, 18km
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  • McLarens Settlement, 22km
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  • Meath, 19km
  • Chenaux, 27km
  • Greenwood, 20km
  • Osceola, 25km
  • Garden of Eden, 29km
  • Cotnam Island, 20km
  • Lower Stafford, 23km
  • Kathmae Siding, 22km
  • Government Road, 22km
  • Rosebank, Renfrew area, 32km
  • Connaught, Timmins area, 26km
  • Bromley, 31km
  • Wolftown, 29km
  • Pleasant View, 23km
  • Micksburg, 26km
  • Northcote, 34km
  • Pine Valley, 30km
  • Payne, Renfrew area, 35km
  • Cedar Beach, Pembroke area, 24km
  • French Settlement, 25km
  • Balsam Hill, 36km
  • Bulgers Corners, 31km
  • Huckabones Corners, 27km
  • Cotieville, 37km
  • Stonebrook, 26km
  • Pembroke Junction, 26km
  • Admaston, 37km
  • Castleford, 35km
  • Shady Nook, 27km
  • Lake Doré, 30km
  • Kellys Corner, 33km
  • Renfrew Junction, 38km
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