Little Britain

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Little Britain, ON (Nearby: Oakwood, Seagrave, Cambray, Caesarea, Manilla)

417 Eldon Rd.
Little Britain, Ontario
K0M 2C0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Description From Owner:
  • Britain Pop.402. In Mariposa T., Victoria C., on C. Rds. 4 & 6, 12 km. SW of Lindsay. Harrison Haight settled in 1834 and built the township's first mill.
  • Robert Ferguson Whiteside built a store in 1853 in which a meeting was held the following year to choose a name for the community.
  • The first name suggested by James Metherell was Margaretville, after his mother. Whiteside, in whose store the post office was to be located, decided the name should be Elm Grove.
  • But there turned out to be four other Elm Grove post offices in Ontario, so the post office assigned the name Little Britain after a T. in Lancaster C., PA which had been so named in 1738 because many of its settlers had come from Britain.

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Little Britain, Phone : (705) 786-2161

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