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Phone : (705) 757-2366
Your Host(s) : Loring General Store

Loring, ON (Nearby: Port Loring, Arnstein, Golden Valley, Restoule, Dunchurch)

7550 Hwy # 522,
Loring, Ontario
P0H 1S0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 318. In Wilson, Mills and Hardy Ts., Parry Sound Dist. on Hwy 522,60 km. W of Trout Creek which is 51 km. S of North Bay.
  • In 1882 the place appeared on a map as McConkey Corners. When residents petitioned Col. W. E. O'Brien, MP for Parry Sound and Muskoka, for a post office, he asked that the post office be named after his wife, daughter of Co I. R. R. Loring of London ON.

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Loring, Phone : (705) 757-2366

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