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Lucan, ON (Nearby: Denfield, Carlisle, Granton, Ilderton, Centralia)

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Lucan, Ontario
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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

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  • Pop. 1,896. In Biddulph T., Middlesex C., on Hwy 4 and C. Rd. 47, 27 km. NW of London.
  • In 1829 a group of fugitive slaves from Cincinnati, Ohio, purchased 800 acres (324 ha) of land in the area with help from Ohio Quakers
  • They established one of the earliest black settlements in Upper Canada and soon were joined by other groups from New England. They called the place Wilber¬¨force Colony after the British abolitionist William Wilberforce.
  • By 1833 there were 32 families in the colony. However, a series of bizarre murders and the suicide of Mrs. Wyatt, a religious fanatic, caused the Quakers to disperse during the early 1840s.
  • For a time the place was known as Marysville after sheriff John Macdonald's wife, Mary. In 1857 the post office was established as Lucan, named after Lucan in County Dublin, Ireland.
  • Near Lucan was the homestead of an Irish immigrant family named Donnelly, which between 1847 and 1880 was involved in one of the bloodiest feuds in Canadian history.
  • The feud ended in 1880 with the massacre offive members of the Donnelly family. The subsequent trial in London acquitted those charged with the murders.

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