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Phone : (807) 468-8869
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Kenora

Kenora, ON (Nearby: Ottermere, Ingolf, Whitedog, Minaki, Kejick)

305 Main St. S.
Kenora, Ontario
P9N 1T4

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 300. In Kenora Dist. on Canadian National Railway, 74 km. NW of Kenora. The post office was established in 1911. The history of the community and the origin of its name have not been recorded.

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Malachi, Phone : (807) 468-8869

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Glenna Green on 19-Jan-16
Hello I would like you to hear a song that I wrote that includes a mention of Malachi and many others that VIA's 'CANADIAN' train passes through. You are the closest neighbour that I can find to send this to You may have noticed that when the train stops there is always a flood of folks getting off in a rush for some 'fresh air'. This is the link on youtube SMOKERS ON THE TRAIN by Glenna Green I'll be coming through Malachi as the 'onboard entertainer' on the Canadian 1 going west on Sunday February 1 at 4:32 and back on the Canadian 2 heading east on Sunday, Feb 8 at 00:35 (if the train is on time) I really hope that you enjoy the song. I'll be waving from the train, as always. cheers ! ! ! GlennaGreen 613-542-2482

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  • Storkson's Corner, 121km
  • Pine, 87km
  • Cozy Corners, 120km
  • Gameland, 128km
  • Canyon, 89km
  • Arbor Vitae, 125km
  • Crow Lake, Kenora area, 113km
  • Wood, 139km
  • Sleeman, 140km
  • North Branch, Fort Frances area, 132km
  • McIntosh, Vermilion Bay area, 98km
  • Caliper Lake, 124km
  • Pinewood, Fort Frances area, 144km
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