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Phone : (807) 826-3913
Your Host(s) : Manitouwadge Public Library

Manitouwadge, ON (Nearby: Mobert, Caramat, Heron Bay, Marathon, White River)

Manitou Road
Manitouwadge, Ontario
P0T 2C0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 3,394. In the Dist. of Thunder Bay, on Manitouwadge L. at the N terminus of Hwy 614,58 km. N of Hwy 17 at a point 52 km. NW of White River.
  • The discovery of a copper-zinc-silver ore body in 1953 touched off one of the biggest staking rushes in the history of Canadian mining -- more than 10,000 claims were staked during the first winter.
  • In 1954 the Department of Mines built an access road into the area. Most of the claims were staked in the winter and the hopeful prospectors had to wait until spring to fmd out if their claims would pay off.
  • Most did not. The Ojibwa name means 'cave of the great spirit.'

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Manitouwadge, Phone : (807) 826-3913

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Doug Neely on 05-Sep-13
I am looking for information on lodgings in your area....Try ...Cheers, C

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