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Missanabie, ON (Nearby: Dubreuilville, Hawk Junction, Langton, Oba, Chapleau)

Dog Lake
Missanabie, Ontario
P0M 2H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northcentral Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 227. In West T., Algoma Dist., on the E shore of Dog L. and the CPR and Hwy 651,54 km N ofHwy 101,68 km NE ofWawa.
  • The post office opened in 1893. Missanabie is an Ojibwa word meaning 'pictures in the water;' specifically, the reflection of pictographs on the cliffs at Fairy Point in Missanabie L.

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Missanabie, Toll Free Phone : (877) 434-2440

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