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Frantic Farms Clay & Glass & Gallery

Phone : (705) 924-9173
Phone : (613) 475-4387
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
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Outside Web Page :
Your Host(s) : Monica Johnston & Paulus Tjiang

Warkworth, ON (Nearby: Codrington, Castleton, Hastings, Campbellford, Roseneath)

  • Functional porcelain teapot
  • The Wahooly Hot Glass Series
  • The Wahooly Hot Glass Series
  • Hot Glass Sculpturines
  • Functional porcelain tableware
  • Porcelain Tea Set
  • Functional porcelain salad bowl
  • Monica throwing on the Wheel
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Paulus blowing glass

2 Mill St. Warkworth
Warkworth, Ontario
K0K 3K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

educational program for school tours Open for Sunday Shopping

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Driving Directions:
  • From the 401, exit 509, drive north on Hwy 30, turn (left) west on County Rd. 29, into Warkworth. County Rd. 29 turns into Mill St

Business Hours:
  • Winter 2023 by chance or appointment. If the lights are on in the studio, please come on in.

Description From Owner:
  • For Paulus and Monica, Frantic Farms not only identifies their home and business, it forms a commentary on the state of contemporary life.
  • In a wild, hurried, and ever more frantic modern world, the need for pause and a smile is paramount.
  • Evoking this pause and a smile is the objective of their work in functional porcelain pottery and blown glass. Jiggly geometric patterns and designs posture beside bountiful, fertile fruit and creatures, and all are alive with radioactive colour.
  • They're dancing in the cupboards when no one is looking! A new showroom in Warkworth opened in 2005, filled with elegant pottery and sparkling coloured glass, awaits to arouse your artistic spirit.
  • 'Wild yet Practical!' is our motto. Blending fun with function, shopping for any special occasion (i.e. b-days, weddings, mothers day, any day.) while enjoying a scenic country drive-by.

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Frantic Farms Clay & Glass & Gallery, Phone : (705) 924-9173

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J Patterson on 11-May-24
Absolutely stunning pieces of art! Gem of a store right in the heart of Warkworth

Laudav Hutcheon on 30-Mar-23
Wonder store full of beautiful ceramic and glass art and extremely pleasant proprietors. Great prices as well! We bought a gorgeous bowl.

T H on 28-Dec-22
Monica and Paulus at Frantic Farms are fantastic artisans! We have some of Monica's dragonfly bowls and some glasses, decorations, a lamp and a light fixture made by Paulus. They are all beautiful and functional. We love their work!

Paul Portelli on 03-Sep-21
You both do such wonderful work.

Jen Lawton on 22-Nov-20
I have a set of 4 coloured goblets and 4 regular glass tumblers. I purchased them while in Warkworth, showing my paintings at the Paul Portelli Gallery that used to be on the Main St. This was at least 20 years ago. The glassware is just as beautiful and funky now and many people who visit MY studio have a favourite piece that they want to use for their drinks before dinner. Thank you so much for being so creative! Jen Lawton

Shelley Foster on 03-Sep-20
What a lovely place to stop and take some time to enjoy the fascinating glass items and wood fired pottery made by the owners Paulus and Monica. They also bring in original paintings and prints from some other Ontario artists. Feel free to ask questions about the area. Monica has the inside scoop on where to get a great cup of coffee. This is also where she creates and teaches so you might catch her in action.

Susan Van Hooydonk- Reid on 18-Oct-18
Awesome store with beautiful glass blown items and jewellery

Jasmine Sartisohn on 21-Apr-16
Love the place, Love the work, Love the people. I have been many times. Thank you

Krista Boryskavich on 20-Mar-13
I had received one of Paulus' black cat bottles as a gift, and it was one of my most treasured possessions. When it broke in a move, I was very fortunate that Paulus was able to craft a virtually identical replacement. The craftsmanship is superb, and I'm so delighted to have been able to deal with Paulus directly.

Lynn W on 31-Jan-13
We 'registered' for our wedding with Monica Johnston from the Frantic Farms Clay portion of the dynamic artistic duo and were lucky enough to receive many pieces (serving platters, tea pot, mugs, soup tureen, etc) as gifts. They have been brightening our table for over 10 years now and we couldn't be happier.

  • Rectangular Platter with olives & checker
  • Teapot with fruit pattern
  • Oval Platter with Fruit pattern
  • Lamp with Harlequin Motif

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