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Phone : (705) 799-5821
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Omemee

Omemee, ON (Nearby: Franklin, Bethany, Reaboro, Cavan, Ennismore, Dunsford)

2 King E.
Omemee, Ontario
K0L 2W0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 1,141. In Emily T., Victoria C., on the Pigeon R. at the foot of Pigeon L. and Hwy 7 and C. Rds. 7 & 38, 24 km. W of Peterborough.
  • In 1825 William Cottingham built a mill on the Pigeon R. and a community began to form, largely made up of Irish Catholic immigrants from County Cork.
  • The place was called Williamstown, after William Cottingham, until the post office opened in 1832 and was named Emily after the township.
  • In 1857 the name was changed to Omemee after the Omemee (Pigeon) Indians, a sub-tribe of the Mississaugas, who had once hunted in the area.

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Omemee, Phone : (705) 799-5821

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Off the beaten track:
  • Cowan's Bay, 4km
  • Fee's Landing, 5km
  • Feir Mill, 5km
  • Keneden Park, 8km
  • Mount Pleasant Peterborough area, 7km
  • Downeyville, 8km
  • Reaboro, 7km
  • Bethel, Peterborough area, 7km
  • Orange Corners, 7km
  • Fox's Corners, 10km
  • Brunswick, 11km
  • Fleetwood, 10km
  • Mount Horeb, 9km
  • Ida, 11km
  • Hillhead Corners, 9km
  • Bethany, Peterborough area, 13km
  • Fowlers Corners, 10km
  • Edgewood Park, Peterborough area, 10km
  • Fairmount, Peterborough area, 11km
  • Stewart Heights, 11km
  • Cunningham's Corners, 11km
  • Tapley, 15km
  • Dranoel, 15km
  • Murray Hill, 12km
  • Lifford, 14km
  • Kings Wharf, 16km
  • Cavan Station, 14km
  • Fife's Bay, 12km
  • Flood's Landing, 16km
  • Lakeview Estates, 17km
  • Glenway Village, 18km
  • Windward Sands, 17km
  • O'Donnell Landing, 13km
  • Springville, Peterborough area, 14km
  • Manvers, 19km
  • Kendry, 15km
  • Youngstown, 16km
  • Victoria Place, 20km
  • Ballyduff, 20km
  • Chemong Park, 16km
  • Kawartha Heights, 16km
  • Young's Cove, 19km
  • Cedar Valley, Peterborough area, 18km
  • Gannon Beach, 20km
  • Gannon Village, 21km
  • Greenhurst-Thurstonia, 21km
  • Kenhill Beach, 22km
  • Kennedy Bay, 20km
  • Snug Harbour, Lindsay area, 19km
  • Kimberley Park, 20km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Best's Pond, 7km
  • McKinnon Pond, 15km
  • Emily Lake, 16km
  • Lily Lake, 15km
  • Chemong Lake, 17km
  • Pigeon Lake, 22km
  • Kawartha Lakes, 22km
  • Sturgeon Lake, 22km
  • Buckhorn Lake, 24km
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