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Phone : (613) 479-2930
Your Host(s) : Ompah Community Centre

Ompah, ON (Nearby: Ardoch, Plevna, Snow Road Station, Mississippi Station, Mountain Grove)

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Ompah, Ontario
K0H 2J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 128. In Palmerston and North and South Canonto Ts., Frontenac C., on the SE shore of Palmerston L. and C. Rd. 509, 110 km. NW of Kingston.
  • The post office opened as Ompah in 1865. Ompah is a First Nations Peoples word meaning 'long step' or 'long portage.'

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Ompah, Phone : (613) 479-2930

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