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Phone : (705) 732-4323
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Rosseau

Rosseau, ON (Nearby: Rosseau Road, Mckellar, Minett, Mactier, Waubaushene)

1 Cardwell
Rosseau, Ontario
P0C 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 139. In Parry Sound Dist., on C. Rd. 518, 21 km E of Parry Sound. In 1879 the place was called Hayford, but it was renamed Edgington a year later by postmaster John Edgington.
  • In 1894 the name of the community was changed again, this time to Orrville after the first settler, John Orr.

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Orrville, Phone : (705) 732-4323

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Off the beaten track:
  • Orrville, 1km
  • Swords, 4km
  • Turtle Lake, 8km
  • Broadbent, 9km
  • Seguin Falls, 8km
  • Humphrey, 12km
  • Dufferin Bridge, 12km
  • Inholmes, 13km
  • Hayes Corners, Parry Sound area, 13km
  • Port Cockburn, 15km
  • Horseshoe Lake, Parry Sound area, 12km
  • North Seguin, 14km
  • Rosseau Road, 15km
  • Blackstone, 16km
  • Brignall, 16km
  • Hamer Bay, 17km
  • Hurdville, 14km
  • Black Road, 16km
  • Bear Cave, 15km
  • Falding, 15km
  • Stanley House, 19km
  • Gordon Bay, 20km
  • Haines Lake, 15km
  • Blackstone Lake, 18km
  • Bear Lake, 16km
  • Dock Siding, 22km
  • Holmur, 17km
  • Lake Joseph, 22km
  • Oranmore, 22km
  • Otter Lake, 18km
  • Dockmure, 18km
  • Rosseau Falls, 22km
  • Spence, 24km
  • Axe Lake, 18km
  • Hekkla, 20km
  • Fairholme, 23km
  • South Parry, 19km
  • Gull Rock, 23km
  • Shannon Hall, 20km
  • Banbury, 20km
  • Bourdeau, 21km
  • Juddhaven, 24km
  • Ahmic Lake, 27km
  • Morinus, 26km
  • Foot's Bay, 28km
  • Thorel House, 26km
  • Whitehall, 22km
  • Port Anson, 27km
  • Woodington, 28km
  • Cedar Croft, 29km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Sugar Lake, 1km
  • Diamond Lake, 1km
  • Storm Lake, 2km
  • Tub Lake, 2km
  • Ellis Lake, 3km
  • Eustace Lake, 3km
  • Duck Lake, 3km
  • Maple Lake, 3km
  • Little Manitouwaba Lake, 4km
  • Mutton Lake, 5km
  • Fume Lake, 4km
  • Isabella Lake, 4km
  • Star Lake, 6km
  • Manitouwaba Lake, 5km
  • Blackwater Lake, 6km
  • Dutcher Lake, 8km
  • Weeden Lake, 7km
  • Obright Lake, 8km
  • Jelso Lake, 6km
  • Ponsford Lake, 6km
  • Spectacle Lake, 7km
  • Vinett Lake, 6km
  • Shanty Lake, 8km
  • Glendening Lake, 8km
  • Santa Lake, 6km
  • Flaxman Lake, 8km
  • Turtle Lake, 9km
  • Cosh Lake, 9km
  • Belfry Lake, 9km
  • Dube Lake, 7km
  • Proud Lake, 9km
  • Martin Lake, 7km
  • Hoben Lake, 10km
  • Virtue Lake, 9km
  • Gilbank Lake, 10km
  • Lower Fry Lake, 8km
  • Liebeck Lake, 8km
  • Day Lake, 7km
  • Whitefish Lake, 11km
  • Frey Lake, 8km
  • Dainty Lake, 8km
  • Malzan Lake, 10km
  • Mohan Lake, 9km
  • Petty Lake, 9km
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  • Gilboe Lake, 8km
  • Wetmore Lake, 12km
  • Carruthers Lake, 9km
  • Ten Mile Lake, 9km
  • Trout Lake, 12km