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Foleyet, ON (Nearby: Chapleau, Missanabie, Langton, Oba, Mattice)

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Foleyet, Ontario
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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

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  • Pop. 128. In Coderre T., Algoma Dist. on the Missinaibi R., CNR and N boundary of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, 140 km. W of Timmins.
  • The community started as a Hudson's Bay Company post and the name was on a map drawn in 1918. Peter Bell was an HBC employee and the patentee in 1869 of roads between Thunder Bay and Black Bay.

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Ron boyer on 15-Mar-16
In reply to Marc Gosselin the trucks were brought to peterbell by Pineland timber co. They were brought there on dadand I both worked there . I only worked there at the sawmill for the summer.

austin on 14-Jun-13
Some of the the old trucks are my uncles... they broke down many years was a lumber mill town back in the 20 s to 50 s my great grandma was raised there and we still have a place there. PS you ever coming that way stop at the big red camp for a beer LOL

Clive Nickerson on 11-Apr-13
Suggest you contact Marc @ Regards ORR

Linda on 11-Apr-13
how did you get to Peterbell, my father who lived there many years ago wants to visit...can you get there by truck?

marc gosselin on 15-Apr-12
I was to Peterbell over the week-end. I found about half a dozen of old trucks, would like to know how they were brought there and why? also found and old brick foundation, looks like a big oven? does anyone know if yes reply to my email. thanks, marc

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