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Municipality of Pickle Lake (Single Tier Kenora)

Phone : (807) 928-2010
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Pickle Lake

Pickle Lake, ON (Nearby: Osnaburgh House, Ogoki, Savant Lake, Collins, Slate Falls)

11 Koval
Pickle Lake, Ontario
P0V 3A0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 527. In Ponsford T.,Patricia Dist., on Pickle L. and Kawinogans R. and Hwy 599, 292 km NE of Ignace.
  • The post office was established in 1976. There are pickerel in the lake but not the river. Pickerel Lake drains into the Kawinogans River and Kawin ogans Sipi in Cree means no pickerel river.

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Kenora.

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Municipality of Pickle Lake (Single Tier Kenora), Phone : (807) 928-2010

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Off the beaten track:
  • Central Patricia, 1km
  • Pickle Crow, 8km
  • New Osnaburgh, 27km
  • Rat Rapids, 32km
  • Osnaburgh House, 39km
  • Allanwater Bridge, 138km
  • Kawa, 139km
  • Harvey, 139km
  • Flindt Landing, 139km
  • Jacobs, 139km
  • Fee Spur, 138km
  • Staunton, 140km
  • Ogaki, 141km
  • Savant Lake, 143km
  • Trapper's Landing, 147km
  • Slate Falls, Bamaji Lake, near Wabakimi Prov. Pk., 105km
  • Fowler, 149km
  • Pascopee, 148km
  • Big Beaver House, 165km
  • Onaping, 149km
  • Armstrong, 152km
  • Ycliff, 159km
  • Wunnummin Lake, 173km
  • Robinson, 164km
  • Wagaming, 162km
  • Ghost River, 171km
  • Weagamow Lake, 183km
  • Green, 166km
  • McDougall Mills, 175km
  • O'Briens Landing, 195km
  • Rosnel, 177km
  • Silver Dollar, 200km
  • Unaka, 207km
  • Mud River, 172km
  • Mattabi, 206km
  • Valora, 204km
  • Tannin, 212km
  • Watcomb, 200km
  • Clarkdon, 204km
  • Sowden, 218km
  • Umfreville, 200km
  • Summer Beaver, 181km
  • Yonde, 199km
  • Ferland, 176km
  • Zarn, 194km
  • Alcona, Sioux Lookout area, 192km
  • Superior Junction, 190km
  • Reba, 229km
  • Quorn, 235km
  • Casummit Lake, 152km
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  • Pickle Lake, 6km
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