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  • In Bathurst T., Lanark C. on C. Rd. 12 at the junction of the road to Fallbrook, 12 km. NW of Perth.
  • The community is named after Col. Playfair who settled in the area in 1817 and built mills. The place was also named Playfair and Playfair Rapids. The name was changed to Playfairville in 1962.

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Robert K. J. Playfair on 09-Mar-15
Again our family will be growing and increasing the size of this fantastic little community. I am excited to announce that my fiancé Natalie Holmes will be moving from Kingston to live with us in Playfairville this spring. Natalie also has prominent history in the County as her Grandfather was a well respected Doctor in Lanark village for many years. We will be married in The Playfair Historic Church on Sept 19th of this year.

Robert Kennith John Playfair on 29-Jan-15
Much too my delight, I am happy to report that Playfairville is once again inhabited (maybe with the Playfair blood line. As I and my parents work to restore my great uncles home behind The Playfair Historic Church witch we own as well I find it all to interesting how comfortable I and my two sons feel living on this ancestral plot of land. Although its just a small part of Colonel Playfair's original land, it feels right. My sons Jonathan and Nicholas from what I can see are the two youngest Playfair's in the country and I am honored to have the good fortune to raise them here were our forefathers began life in Canada. My boys love that they are the only kids in school who live in a town named after them and tell me they want to live there forever. We have started collecting historical photos and artifacts to display in the house and church to help tell the story of the Playfair family and its once thriving village. Peaceful, beautiful and full of great neighbors its a wonderful place to live.

Gayda Errett on 04-Dec-13
When we could not find a country-rural someplace in rural Alberta and British Columbia because what we could afford were 'fixer-uppers' demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations. The acreage and Confederation log house we purchased in Playfairville would be worth a million or more in the aforementioned provinces. However, the add-on for us is that at the time of purchase we wanted to know where in the area we were located other than the Concession and Lot numbers. Upon going to the tourism bureau in Perth to get a map, we discovered it was Playfairville. Adding to the surprise the acreage we just purchased, was our neighbour across the Mississippi River coming over to welcome us. He asked if we knew that we were on the Playfair ancestor's land plot. We did not despite my husband is a descendant [we did not choose the property based on his descendency. Rather it was desperation and destiny on our part seeking somewhere in Canada that we could purchase an acreage we could afford. Purely coincidental that we are on my husband's ancestor's property. We learned our neighbour was living in one of the 3 Playfair homes in Playfairville. His is the first one built by Lt. Col. Andrew Playfair. [See our daughter's information above.] When our neighbour invited us over for a dinner party, I commented to my husband, 'Can you believe you are dining in your ancestor's home?' It was truly remarkable that he has ended up without intending to do so, on his ancestor's land plot. We have a copy of the Deed.

Christian Poupore on 05-Nov-13
I am fortunate enough to be the son of the current owner. My father purchased the Playfair estate this summer and it has been a treasure of epic proportions. I can confirm that indeed the original chimney does in fact still stand in the drive way to sit day!!!! My girlfriend and I have been taking photos all over the property. any further records you may have about this land would be extremely exciting to view. Coords of this estate. +44° 58' 13.65', -76° 24' 47.62'

BJ Errett on 16-Apr-13
Playfairville: tranquil village on the Little Mississippi. Playfairville was originally known as Playfair Corners, Mills, or Rapids and at the junction of McDonald's Corners Road and Fallbrook Road. It was named after Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew William Playfair born in Paris, France in 1790, and son of Mary Morris and famous father William Playfair who invented the Pie, Line, and Bar graphs and authored many books as a political and economic commentator still in print today. Lt. Col. Andrew Playfair is best known for his writings about the epic 1176 km historical military walk with the 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot from Fredericton to Kingston in the winter of 1813 and his engagement in the War of 1812-1814 battles at Sackett’s Harbor in May 1813, where he was wounded and a month later on June 24th, 1813, with the surrender of 500 Americans at the Battle of Beaver Dams after the British were warned about the surprise attacked planned by the Americans by Laura Secord. Lt. Col. Playfair was granted 600 acres of land along the Little Mississippi River after his service in the War of 1812-1814. Lt. Col. Playfair built a dam, and established lumber, grist and carding mills, an iron ore mine, housing, stores and a hotel and stable until the iron ore and forests were exhausted. Only the stone hearth chimney of Playfair's original house and remnants of the dam remain. However, Playfair Manor, a Georgian Loyalist-style stone house built in 1830 by Lt. Col. Andrew Playfair and his son Big John Playfair on a bend of the Little Mississippi still stands but is no longer owned by the Playfairs. The former Wesleyan Methodist Church and later United Church, until its closure in 1965, is located on Fallbrook Road and was built in 1860 by Lt. Col. Playfair and his son Big John in the Federal-style. The church is now privately owned and operated by the Playfair family.

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