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Portland, ON (Nearby: Crosby, Elgin, Delta, Newboro, Lombardy)

25 Colborne
Portland, Ontario
K0G 1V0

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 337. In Bastard and South Burgess T.,Leeds and Grenville c., on the E shore of Big Rideau Lake and Hwy 15,28 km. SW of Smiths Falls.
  • The place was first called Old Landing, but when the post office opened in 1833 the name chosen was Portland after William Henry Cavendish Bentinch,
  • third duke of Portland (1738-1809), secretary for the colonies in the 1790s, who took his title from the Isle of Portland off Dorset, England.
  • The post office opened as Potland, but the error was soon corrected.

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