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Princeton, ON (Nearby: Cathcart, Drumbo, Harley, Burford, Ayr)

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Princeton, Ontario
N0J 1G0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 431. In Blandford-Blenheim T., Oxford C., on Homer's Cr., and C. Rds. 2 & 3, 22 km. E of Woodstock.
  • The place was first known as Governor's Road Settlement, and a post office was opened here in 1793 during the clearing ofthe Dundas Rd., also known as Governor's Rd.
  • The place was renamed for Princeton, NJ, by early settler Cot. Thomas Hornor (1767-1834) a native of New Jersey, who settled here in 1795 and built the first sawmill in Oxford C.
  • Princeton was the site of a famous murder in 1890, though it isn't known why the case inspired so much interest, since there was never any doubt as to the guilt of the murderer.
  • Reginald Birchall was found guilty of the murder of a young man named Benwell, whom he had lured to Canada as a prospective settler. Benwell is buried in Princeton Cemetery.

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