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Seaforth, ON (Nearby: Egmondville, Dublin, Staffa, Brucefield, Kippen)

52 Main N.
Seaforth, Ontario
N0K 1W0

Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 2,288. In Tuckersmith and McKillop Ts., Huron C., on Hwy 8 and C. Rd. 12,34 km SE of Goderich.
  • The townsite was once a swamp where two roads intersected and was known as Four Corners or Steene's Corners for Andrew Steene, the first settler.
  • The intersection was marked with a fingerboard pointing the direction and distances to Egmondville, Ainleyville, and Goderich and as a result was also called Guide Board Swamp.
  • In 1855, James Patton (later a law partner of Sir John A. Macdonald) and Barrie lawyers Lefroy and Bernard, purchased land, expecting that the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway would cross their property.
  • They laid out a townsite and called it Seaforth, possibly after the Seaforth Highlanders, a Scottish regiment raised by Francis Mackenzie, Baron Seaforth and Mackenzie, in 1793.
  • The lawyers launched a successful campaign to lure the .railroad to their future town and away from the already established commumtles of Egmondville and Harpurhey.
  • When the railroad line came through the townsite, businessmen moved here from Egmondville and Harpurhey, and the three lawyers were able to sell their swampland at a substantial profit.
  • In 1877 frre destroyed 12 acres (4.8 ha) of the business section. The Hon. William Aberhart, founder of the Social Credit Party and premier of Alberta 1935-1943 was a native of Seaforth.
  • The Hon. William Aberhart, founder of the Social Credit Party and premier of Alberta 1935-1943 was a native of Seaforth. The town was also the home of the Beaver lacrosse team which at one time was world champion.

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