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Seine River Village

Phone : (807) 274-5573
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Fort Frances

Fort Frances, ON (Nearby: Mine Centre, Atikokan, Dinorwic, Wabigoon, Ignace)

301 Scott St.
Fort Frances, Ontario
P9A 1H1

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 393. In Rainy River Dist. at the E end of Wild Potato L., 2 km S of Hwy 11, 105 km E of Fort Frances. The
  • The post office was establIshed as Seine River in 1895. The place is also known as Seine River Village. The name likely derived from the use of fish seines at the head and foot of the lake.

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Seine River Village, Phone : (807) 274-5573

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  • Laseine, 16km
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  • Overflow, 55km
  • Windy Point, 56km
  • Gold Rock, 82km
  • Steep Rock Lake, 58km
  • Lone Pine, 60km
  • Rocky Inlet, 61km
  • Borups Corners, 96km
  • Seibert, 64km
  • Taché, 97km
  • Dyment, 99km
  • Raleigh, 92km
  • Olcott, 68km
  • Duluth Junction, 71km
  • Butler, 94km
  • Osaquan, 95km
  • Wabigoon, 112km
  • Hematite, 77km
  • Notman, 96km
  • Six Mile Corner, 119km
  • Sapawe, 81km
  • Crozier, 82km
  • Blalock, 82km
  • Northwest Bay, 85km
  • Two Mile Corner, 125km
  • La Vallée, 89km
  • Lake Wasaw, 89km
  • Government Landing, 90km
  • Kawene, 90km
  • Dance, 91km
  • Burriss, 91km
  • Bonheur, 104km
  • Box Alder, 93km
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