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Phone : (705) 642-3792
Your Host(s) : Last Resort

Sesekinika, ON (Nearby: Swastika, Chaput Hughes, Kirkland Lake, Ramore, Holtyre)

Box A, Site # 3,
Sesekinika, Ontario
P0K 1S0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 49. In Timiskaming Dist. on the NE shore of Sesekinika L. and Hwy 570, 16 km. NW of Kirkland L. The name may derive from the Ojibwa words sasega and kiniga meaning 'pretty' and 'different kinds mixed together.'

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Sesekinika, Phone : (705) 642-3792

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Off the beaten track:
  • Woollings Spur, 4km
  • Goldthorpe, 8km
  • Bourkes, 11km
  • Kenogami Lake, 11km
  • Kenogami Lake Station, 11km
  • Swastika, 14km
  • Shaniko, 13km
  • Wavell, 19km
  • Dane, 20km
  • Ramore, 27km
  • Rosegrove Beach, 24km
  • King Kirkland Station, 21km
  • Tarzwell, 27km
  • Rosegrove, 25km
  • Hough Lake, 33km
  • Glenvale, Englehart area, 37km
  • Vimy Ridge, 35km
  • Boston Creek, 30km
  • Northlands Park, 28km
  • Mindoka, 33km
  • Zeta, 43km
  • South Mindoka, 35km
  • Dobie, 31km
  • Mount MacDonald, 47km
  • Krugerdorf, 39km
  • Charlton, 46km
  • Wawbewawa, 43km
  • Chamberlain, 45km
  • Diamond Lake, 37km
  • Watabeag, 47km
  • Anthony, 46km
  • Hill's Lake, 53km
  • Wilson, New Liskeard area, 56km
  • Errettsville, 49km
  • Brentha, 52km
  • Marter, 47km
  • Leeville, 60km
  • Mountain Lake, 61km
  • Mountain Chutes, 61km
  • Shillington, 50km
  • Wendigo Lake, 50km
  • Osseo, 63km
  • Heaslip, 54km
  • Val Gagn√©, 56km
  • Beaver Lake, Kirkland Lake area, 44km
  • Cane, 64km
  • Tomstown, 57km
  • Twin Falls, 67km
  • Virginiatown, 49km
  • McCool, 67km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Sesekinika Lake, 1km
  • Olson Lake, 3km
  • Gale Lake, 4km
  • Mooseridge Lake, 3km
  • Kapakita Lake, 3km
  • Sucker Lake, 3km
  • Graves Lake, 5km
  • Wewegimok Lake, 4km
  • Lower Twin Lake, 6km
  • Upper Twin Lake, 6km
  • Swan Lake, 6km
  • Grenfell Lake, 6km
  • Goose Egg Lake, 6km
  • Berube Lake, 5km
  • Nausikaa Lake, 5km
  • Wolf Lake, 8km
  • Lillord Lake, 6km
  • Highspot Lake, 6km
  • Kenogami Lake, 10km
  • Wendtwright Lake, 7km
  • Hotchkin Lake, 10km
  • Armer Lake, 7km
  • Winnie Lake, 7km
  • Meyers Lake, 10km
  • Webash Lake, 9km
  • Dunbar Lake, 9km
  • Colvin Lake, 12km
  • Perron Lake, 10km
  • Lois Lake, 9km
  • Bompas Lake, 11km
  • Little Sarsfield Lake, 9km
  • Feldman Lake, 9km
  • Splashwater Lake, 9km
  • Ellis Lake, 9km
  • Girard Lake, 11km
  • Gould Lake, 9km
  • Benoit Lake, 13km
  • Sarsfield Lake, 9km
  • Bourzk Lake, 9km
  • Youdell Lake, 14km
  • Borgford Lake, 14km
  • Knight Lake, 10km
  • Malloch Lake, 15km
  • Bougie Lake, 15km
  • Elsie Lake, 12km
  • Little Twin Lakes, 15km
  • Vigrass Lake, 14km
  • Tomwool Lake, 12km
  • Wagg Lake, 16km
  • Burl Lakes, 13km