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Phone : (519) 676-9903
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Your Host(s) : Shrewsbury Community Association, Shrewsbury and Raglan Assembly

Blenheim, ON (Nearby: Erieau, Morpeth, Ridgetown, Charing Cross, Ouvry)

  • Yellow Lotus Garden, Shrewsbury Ontario
  • Winter Sunrise from the dock, Shrewsbury Ontario
  • Heron Rookery, Shrewsbury Ontario
  • Rondeau Marshes
  • Oak Savannah, Rondeau Park
  • Cormorant Colony, Rondeau Bay
  • Trumpeter Swans, Shrewsbury Ontario

27 Wellington St. Shrewsbury ON
Blenheim, Ontario
N0P 1A0

Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc.

Tour Group Person Limit: 10

Driving Directions:
  • From Chatham, south on Communication road, to Blenheim through the lights. Turn left, (south) on Chatham St. (Hwy #3) and drive 4km South. Where Hwy #3 bends East head strait onto Communication Rd. Yield at the traffic merge. Drive south 4km.

Business Hours:
  • We're always OPEN

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 630. In Harwich T., Municipality of Chatham-Kent., on the N shore of Rondeau Harbour and C. Rd. 11,30 km SE of Chatham.
  • In 1792, Governor, Simcoe declared all of Rondeau as “ordinance land” which reserved the waters and peninsula for federal naval purposes. Shrewsbury was surveyed as a future naval base.
  • 'Rond eau' translates from French as 'round water' and describes the egg-shaped harbour.
  • In 1797 it was named after the head of the Talbot clan, the Earl of Shrewsbury in England.
  • In the mid 1800's Shrewsbury was a safe haven for escaped slaves who re-established the abandoned port town.
  • In 1857, a grand plan was drawn to run a canal from Shrewsbury to the Thames River just below Chatham. This would bring commerce and reduce shipping times in Lake Erie and the Thames. After much bickering , the canal proposal was rejected!
  • An 1879 map shows Rondeau Harbour as the post office name and Shrewsbury as the name of the community.
  • Today, Shrewsbury is a destination for young families, buying their first home and many retirees, looking to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Shrewsbury has a free boat ramp and dock at the end of Brock Street.
  • The main draws to Shrewsbury are fishing, duck hunting, birding and nature tourism, Wind surfers occasionally launch from the dock.
  • And of course boating, including canoeing, kayaking and eco-tours.
  • Community Center with 4 acres of land is owned and managed by the Shrewsbury and Raglan Assembly.
  • The Center and grounds are available for rental and community activities.
  • Festivals:
  • Shrewsbury Maple Syrup Festival, late March every year
  • Shrewsbury Ribs and Blues, Late July every year

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Shrewsbury, Phone : (519) 676-9903

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