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Bowmanville, ON (Nearby: Enniskillen, Haydon, Bowmanville, Courtice, Tyrone, Bowmanville, Oshawa)

41 Temperance St.
Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 3A5

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Ontario Tourism Region : York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 243. Part of the Town of Newcastle in the Reg. Mun. of Durham on C. Rds. 4 & 34, 15 km NW of Bowmanville.
  • The community was first known as Pilchardton, Pilchardtown, Pelchardtown, and Toole's Corners.
  • In 1869, when the post office was being established, teacher John Hughes, who disliked the name Pilchardtown, invited some young men to make a pronounceable name from the consonants L, N, and S and the vowels A, I, and O.
  • A ballot was taken to determine the most popular name and Solina won. The community went along with the choice.

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Solina, Phone : (905) 623-7671

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Off the beaten track:
  • Solina, 0km
  • Mitchell's Corners, 3km
  • Taunton, 5km
  • Salem, Bowmanville area, 6km
  • Enfield, 7km
  • Tyrone, 7km
  • Burketon Station, 9km
  • Maple Grove, Bowmanville area, 8km
  • Gaud Corners, 7km
  • Harmony, Oshawa area, 9km
  • Darlington Station, 10km
  • North Oshawa, 9km
  • Cedar Dale, 11km
  • Mount Carmel, Oshawa area, 10km
  • Lakeview Park, Oshawa area, 13km
  • Purple Hill, Oshawa area, 12km
  • Thorton Woods, 12km
  • Shirley, 13km
  • Blackstock, 15km
  • Leskard, 12km
  • Port Darlington, 13km
  • New Park, 14km
  • Cadmus, 16km
  • Raglan, Oshawa area, 13km
  • Burton, Blackstock area, 18km
  • Nestleton Station, 19km
  • Lotus, 18km
  • Kirby, 15km
  • Nestleton, 20km
  • Myrtle, 15km
  • Port Whitby, 18km
  • Pine Point, Lake Scugog area, 20km
  • Myrtle Station, 16km
  • Prospect, Oshawa area, 16km
  • Williams Point, 22km
  • McLaren's Beach, 21km
  • Yelverton, 21km
  • West Lynde, 18km
  • Pontypool, 19km
  • Port View Beach, 20km
  • Prince Albert, 19km
  • Aldred's Beach, 22km
  • Gerrow's Beach, 20km
  • Port Perry, 20km
  • Ballyduff, 21km
  • Scugog Point, 23km
  • St. Christopher, 23km
  • Cedar Shores, 21km
  • Scugog Centre, 22km
  • Highland Beach, 20km
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  • Mill Pond, 3km
  • Samac Lake, 9km
  • Brown Lake, 16km
  • Fallis Pond, 18km
  • Lake Scugog, 23km
  • Chalk Lake, 22km
  • McKinnon Pond, 26km
  • Brookdale Pond, 28km
  • Whitevale Pond, 32km
  • Secord's Pond, 32km
  • Wagner Lake, 37km
  • Glasgow Pond, 34km
  • Best's Pond, 41km
  • Widdifield Pond, 37km
  • Siloam Pond, 37km
  • Goose Lake, 50km
  • Lazy Lake, 38km
  • Staley Lake, 38km
  • Mud Lake, 42km
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  • Musselman Lake, 40km
  • Sturgeon Lake, 55km
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  • Lily Lake, 50km
  • Joseph's Lake, 47km
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  • Little Lake, 52km
  • Cameron Lake, 64km
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  • van Nostrand Lake, 48km
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