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Tara, ON (Nearby: Allenford, Dobbinton, Elsinore, Shallow Lake, Hepworth)

  • Arranvale Mill. This abandoned mill is south of Invermay.
  • Arranvale Mill. This abandoned mill is south of Invermay.

40 Yonge N.
Tara, Ontario
N0H 2N0

Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 857. In Arran T., Bruce C., on the Sauble R. and C. Rds. 5 & 10,26 km SW of Owen Sound.
  • One of the founders of the community was Richard Berford, a member of the party that arrived to survey Arran T. in 1851. The place was first called Eblana, an ancient name for Dublin, Ireland.
  • In the late 1850s, W. A. Gerolamy built a foundry and agricultural implement works. Gerolamy introduced perforated zinc for sieves in fanning mills, and the innovation won prizes at three world fairs.
  • In 1864 the community changed its name to Tara to honour the place where Ireland's ancient kings were crowned in County Meath.
  • It was incorporated as a village in 1881. Sir William H. Hearst (1864- 1941), born near Tara, was Ontario's seventh premier 1914-1919. Frederick 'Cyclone' Taylor (1885- 1979) of Tara was one of hockey's first superstars.
  • He attracted widespread attention with his exceptional skating and scoring ability and in 1960 was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Tara, Phone : (519) 934-3230

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Amanda Hammell on 03-Apr-12
New Website for the Arran Tara Fall Fair 2012 is https://sites.google.com/site/arrantarafallfair/

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  • Squire, 14km
  • Tolmie, 18km
  • Springmount, 15km
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  • Sauble Beach, 20km
  • Clavering, 23km
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  • Benallen, 20km
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  • Copperkettle, 22km
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