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Val Therese

Phone : (705) 969-0387
Your Host(s) : Kin Club Of Valley East

Val Therese, ON (Nearby: Val Caron, Hanmer, Blezard Valley, Capreol, Sudbury)

PO Box # 608,
Val Therese, Ontario
P3P 1R9

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 903. Part of the Town of Valley East, Reg. Mun. of Sudbury on C. Rds. 80 & 96, 21 km. N of Sudbury. In
  • In 1964 the community was named for the parish of Sainte- Therese-de-l 'Enfant-Jesus that had been established in 1960. The French accents were not included when the name was made official.

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Val Therese, Phone : (705) 969-0387

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  • Gatchell, 20km
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